Sky HD Box Stuck on Standby? Here’s How to Fix It

Has your Sky TV box got stuck on standby? Is it displaying a red light that keeps flickering? Here is what you should do to fix this problem.

The Sky HD Set-Top Box is Prone to Freezing Up. Image credit: T3

If you have a Sky TV HD box you will need to follow these steps:

You will first need to check if the problem is a result of your remote or the box itself. So, first press the ‘Sky’ button on your remote control. A green light should¬†display on the Sky HD box. Check the menus so as to see of there are usual TV channels. If you are not able to do so as the standby light remained red, then it is evident that the Sky HD box is not responding to the remote’s commands. You should also press the Standby button on the box, and in case it remains red, then the issue is clearly with the box itself. On the other hand, if the standby light of the box turned green, then the issue is with the remote control.

You need to restart the Sky HD box. First switch it off at the mains. It is also best to disconnect any other devices. Check the power light on the front panel of the box and that of your TV and any other devices to make sure everything is powered off, and then switch everything back on at the mains. Wait three minutes and then press the Sky’ button on the remote control. If the light on the front panel is green you are done. If it is red, then you will need to proceed to the next step.

You need to download the Sky HD box software at this point. Make sure to allow it to take its time and during this process you should neither watch Sky TV nor turn off the box. It takes about 5-10 minutes to download it. and this is how to do it.

The Sky HD Remote Has Many Functions. Image credit: Astra 2 Sat

First switch off the box and all devices at the mains. Then, press the backup button which is on the front panel of the Sky HD box. Keep holding it and simultaneously switch on the box at the mains. It is important to do this at the same time and keep holding the backup button pressed for up to 30 seconds until all the four lights located on the front panel of the box light up. At this point you may release it as your box is now in download mode. You may reconnect the other devices and on your TV you may see an Updating System Software message displayed.

Once the download is completed, the box will switch off by itself and display a single red light. Allow at least three minutes to pass, and then press the Sky button on the remote control. If everything went well then a green light should illuminate on the front of your Sky HD box.  In case the four lights do not appear there could be a fault in the box and in that case you should call to schedule a visit by a qualified engineer or worse case scenario, you could decide to replace the box and buy a Sky HD box from a reputable supplier instead.