Homes & DIY: 6 Practical Uses for Plywood

Plywood is a popular sheet material, which consists of two or more layers of wood veneers which have been glued and pressed together. During this manufacturing process high temperatures and pressure are used to form the plywood sheets and make them stronger and thicker.

Plywood is used in various kinds of projects because of its advantageous properties and its low cost. Even though some lower quality plywood may warp or crack over time, there are high quality plywood sheets which are very strong and reliable. Plywood is very versatile and one can find it in various thicknesses and grades of finish. The choice will depend on the type of project it will be used for. Here are 6 of the most popular uses for plywood:


Plywood is a good enough material for various types of furniture. It is both affordable and practical to build bookcases and shelves, console tables, dressers and even wardrobes. Many DIY lovers make use of plywood for their projects, especially for cases where most of the structure does not require a high grade finish.

A kitchen made entirely from plywood. Image credit: Trendir


When it comes to building cabinet carcasses for a kitchen or a bedroom set, plywood is a very good material. It can be used for the back as well as the sides of cabinets, and it proves to be a better option than MDF or traditional chipboard as it is more durable.


Some types of plywood are ideal for framing interior walls, or for wood paneling. Plywood used for such projects can be painted or stained, giving it a very nice finish.

Plywood panels can be used for exterior wall sheating. Plywood panels can be fastened to each other so as to be stronger as well as reduce shifting. In this way structures can be kept more intact, and be ideal when exposed to winds and earthquakes, particularly thanks to its flexibility.

Flooring & Roofing

Quite often plywood is used for the construction of subfloors for various flooring projects. There are plywood panels which include tongue-and-groove edges, allowing one to slot panels together easily. Plywood is also considered to be ideal to sheet roofs. For both of these uses, plywood provides a durable option so as to lay tiles, or a fibreglass membrane afterwards.

Fascias, Eaves & Soffits

Contractors often use plywood for other types of construction projects, such as to make temporary floors, construct detached sheds or garages, make eaves and soffits, or as a practical material for timber fascias.

A Folding Plywood Sawhorse. Image credit: Woodworking Trip

General Projects

Since plywood is really versatile and practical, it is often used for a myriad of projects. Many DIY lovers find plywood cut to size ideal to build useful items such as workbenches, storage bins and sawhorses. Others build loose furniture, or practical creations for their pets such as rabbit hutches and kennels.

All in all plywood is really great as it is versatile and yet very cost effective when compared to other materials. There are also several thicknesses and finishes one can choose from for added convenience and suitability.