4 Proven Ways To Give Your Exhibition Stand Greater Impact

It is becoming more apparent that in 2018, exhibition stands continue to be an effective method to reach potential customers and to capture more leads and ultimately greater returns on investment when it comes to marketing. Having an exhibit at a trade show is the first stage of the process but being able to actually capture the attention of visitors and get them to engage with your exhibition stand and speak with your sales team is of prime importance. As you continue reading below you will find four different options that will help gain attention and help attendees get interested and involved with your exhibit at the next trade show you plan on being at. Consider the following list of ideas and think of different methods and techniques you could use and implement with these suggestions as listed.

Trade Show Selfie Booth
A Selfie Booth Will Make Your Trade Show Fun & Memorable. Image credit: SugarPop Productions

1. Competitions Attract Attention & Engage Attendees

With the growth and popularity of technology, there are much more affordable and interactive devices that can be used to create competitions and games that attendees can play. In fact, gamification is a new trend that is being used more often in events. Achieving visitor participation with your exhibit will help reinforce your brand and image and give your attendees something they will remember. Giving your potential customers an experience they will remember is an important aspect of effective marketing. You do not have to use the fanciest technology for competition or gaming at your stand. There are plenty of opportunities that you can create where you actively encourage attendees to participate against each other in exchange for a reward or prize. This will help encourage brand identification and will give attendees a reason to remember you and your brand. Being entertained and being given a goal to accomplish will help your visitors remember the brand being promoted.

2. People Love Taking Photos, So Let Them Do It!

When it comes to trade shows many exhibit tables are featuring photo stations because they are fun and are becoming increasingly popular. Photo booths create a fun-factor on your exhibition stand and it can also work as a conversation starter for attendees and a great way to begin discussions about the brand with visitors. People love to take photos and place them on social media as well as sending them to friends and family through email. You can use this technique to naturally increase brand awareness by creating shareable event content across social media platforms. You can use photo booths to naturally advertise your brand in a more natural viral format. Social media encourages photos so use this angle to your advantage because it is very effective and will continue to be for a long time to come.

3. Virtual & Augmented Reality Are Powerful Tools

Virtual reality, as well as augmented reality, are changing the entire world of events and how exhibits can be displayed. Facebook has launched an application known as Oculus Venues to enjoy movies, concerts, and events completely through using virtual reality technology. A virtual trade show is a thing of the future and it will not replace face to face events however it gives you a new and different way to engage and communicate with potential customers. If you have products or exhibits that are not possible to transport to trade shows and events then virtual reality and augmented reality could be feasible options that may work for your brand.

4. Offer Demos Of Your Products

If you have a good looking exhibit that will get your foot in the door when it comes to gaining attention at a trade show. However, you will need much more than that to attract and engage the correct audience. Product demonstrations are an absolutely crucial aspect of the success of your exhibit at a trade show. You want your visitors to have an opportunity to try your product. Having a demonstration allows you to display the benefits of your product and how it can improve the lives of your customers. Having product demos is an important part of trade show exhibition marketing and for engaging potential customers.

Trade shows are an excellent way to meet and attract new customers and to gain leads. It is also an excellent way to market the brand of your product or company. There is much more needed then just placing your logo onto your exhibition stand design. Be sure to try these 4 suggestions for your exhibit stand marketing campaign to help increase your return on investment.

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