7 Top Tips to Keeping a Happy Horse

Tried & Tested Ways to Maintaining a Positive Equine Environment

We believe that the number one thing that is of utmost importance of owning a horse is that of keeping it happy and content.

Horses are social creatures that are socially active and although they are unable to speak they can effectively express themselves and how they are feeling.

They can even become depressed and develop strange behaviours due to stress.

Horses are a lot like humans as they have delicate mental health and making them happy is incredibly important.

Within this article, we will share with you 7 ways to keeping your horse as happy as possible.

The first important thing to know is horses crave and thrive on routine.

Giving your horse a regular and structured routine gives it a feeling of safety, comfort, and control over its life.

When you build a regular routine and stick with it you will make your horse incredibly happy.

When your horse is happy it will live a much longer and healthier life.

When you spend time with your horse try to figure out what makes him or her happy and incorporate into their daily routines.

Horses Can Become Unhappy If Mistreated or Kept in Poor Conditions. Image credit: Pixdaus

The second thing we suggest to make your horse a happy animal is to allow it to socialise with people and other horses.

A horse that lives by itself in solitary isolation will become miserable and will generally become unhealthy.

A horse without companionship will go through loneliness, psychological stress and it can walk off weight thru pacing looking for other horses.

Your horse will appreciate social stimulation so include things into their routines like changing the scenery on walks.

Also, bring your horse around other horses such as going for walks and having play dates.

This will do your horses mental health a lot of good if you do this.

Another way to keep your horse healthy and happy is to give it one or two days off a week to relax and recuperate itself from the week.

As humans in our work schedules, we are allowed two days off a week.

This improves our emotional and mental health and it does the exact same thing for horses.

Giving them time to relax and recover will give them time to heal muscles and prevent illness and injury.

Giving your horse time to relax will add to its happiness and over all longevity.

A great way to keep your horse both healthy and happy is through constant grooming.

It has a variety of numerous positive benefits to the horse and they need regular grooming.

It is an effective way to bond with your horse and will keep your horse well cared for and both emotionally and psychologically healthier.

Creating a bond to your horse will give it a sense of comfort and socialising.

Having that established rapport with your horse will give it a greater sense of comfort with you and will help prevent it from feeling lonely or depressed if it is often by itself.

As we mentioned earlier horses enjoy socialising as it improves their emotional and psychological health.

If your horse is confined to a timber framed stable be sure that you regularly stop in and visit through out the day so that it doesn’t suffer from loneliness or develop depression.

Spending a lot of time with your horse will create a sense of bonding and comfort and will make your horse all that much healthier and happier over its life span.

Horses Love to Be Groomed As It Stimulates Positivity. Image credit: Horse Channel

Horses love to socialise and it is important to physically be present and with them often. They are highly intelligent creatures and need to be treated as such.

Another way to add the socialisation factor for your horse when you don’t have a lot of time to spend with them is leaving a radio on playing within the stables.

The sound, voices, and music that emit from the radio will keep your horse happy and entertained and under the illusion that it is not alone by itself.

This will make it happier and help prevent loneliness and depression when it is by itself and you do not have a lot of time that day to spend with it.

Another way to keep your horse healthy and happy is by keeping it stimulated and interested with an active mind and body.

We suggest that you provide your horse with toys because it will help them to enjoy time inside their stalls as well as time outdoors.

There is a lot of types of toys available for horses on the market that stimulate coordination and interest.

These range from large inflated balls all the way to squeaky toys.

Finally, ensure your horses have access to plenty of water whilst out in the paddocks, especially in summer months.

Getting a suitable water supply out into a filed is never easy, but you could easily harvest rainwater using guttering on their field shelters or stables.

The rainwater is simply funnelled off from the roofs and then fed straight to their water trough via filtration system.

Keeping your horse happy should be a key thing on your mind when it comes to owning one.

It just takes creativity to keep it entertained and happy.

The well-being of your horse is up to you and its health will largely be determined by its psychological health.

When you make your horse happy you will improve its life and you will have more fun with it the next time you ride.

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