How to transform your kitchen with quartz countertop overlays

A New Worktop Will Do Wonders for Your Kitchen!

Your kitchen worktops are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear.

From spills and stains, to scratches and dents.

After a number of years, your kitchen countertop is most probably looking worse for wear, and it is negatively affecting the look of your kitchen and the value of your home.

Some stains may be impossible to remove, and there may be various faults with the countertop that cannot be hidden.

Chances are that your kitchen carcass, drawers and cupboard doors, are still in a good condition, but you have ended up hating your kitchen because you cannot use your cheap laminate countertops anymore.

So, why don’t you opt for countertop overlays?

It is virtually mess free, and it is definitely much easier and more affordable to opt for this method rather than replacing your kitchen.

Besides, you can give your kitchen a completely new look by installing countertop overlays.

You will be amazed at the huge difference it would make, and what’s the alternative?

You could look for a new home which would involve time, costs and a lot of stress, not to mention having to book a removal company to handle the transport of your furniture and possessions.

Surely it’s better to give you kitchen some love and as suitable upgrade!

A Team Manufactures & Checks a Sheet of Quartz. Image credit: Hanwha

Quartz countertop overlays are among the best options.

Quartz is basically a high quality and very durable type of man-made fabricated stone which is constructed from quartz minerals, resins, polymers and pigments.

It is the kind of material that will last a long time, and despite being very aesthetically pleasing it is actually very practical for a kitchen worktop.

This is because it is really easy to care for it.

Simply giving it a quick wipe with a neutral cleaner will have it look its best.

It is also very hygienic since it has a practically perfectly smooth surface.

So you will not have any germs hiding away on it.

Quartz is also very scratch resistant and so it will be able to maintain its original look for years to come.

There are lots of colours to choose from, and so you will be able to complement your kitchen countertop overlays with your kitchen cupboards and any other decor.

Besides, it has a timeless look, which goes well with both traditional as well as modern kitchen styles.

Another great advantage with installing quartz countertop overlays is that since it is easy to install, you will be able to get a speedy kitchen refurbishment.

The quartz countertop overlays will be installed directly over your current countertop.

Overlays are thus quick and easy, as long as the job is done by a professional person.

The quartz overlays will basically be pre-cast slabs cut in the required size to fit properly onto your kitchen countertop, while trying to minimise seams as much as possible.

The trickiest parts are generally around the sink and hob, and at any corners, but a professional installer will be able to see to this.

The only requirement for this method of giving your kitchen a facelift is that you will need to make sure that the current countertop is strong and stable enough to sustain the weight of the countertop overlays.

Quartz Overlays Fit Snuggly Over the Existing Surface. Image credit: Quartz Lite

Quartz countertop overlays are by far one of the most economical ways to achieving stunning kitchen makeovers and is easy, affordable and environmentally friendly.

So it is definitely a practical solution if you would like to give your kitchen a new look without going through considerable expenses and effort.

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